Malting facility extension, WELSHPOOL

Value of Works $70 Million
Zenacon was contracted to construct a major extension to an existing malting plant. The works included construction of a 1ML kiln, steeping vessel, four germination vessels, and wastewater treatment facility. The project involved detailed civil works, significantly complicated by an array of existing services. Close cooperation with operations staff and careful coordination of trades was necessary to minimise disruption to plant operations, which continued throughout the construction process. Safety was also a critical concern, as ongoing malting operations obliged our construction teams to work in confined spaces. Zenacon maintained an impeccable safety record, with no time lost due to injury.

New grain handling facility, Bibra Lake

Value of Works $12 Million

Zenacon was contracted to construct a new grain handling facility in Bibra Lake which would allow for efficient delivery and loading into 20- and 40-foot sea containers. The works included six heavy duty grain silos with an elevator tower and conveyors, 28m weighbridge and overhead sampling walkway, delivery pit and loading conveyor, and a sealed hardstand area for road train access. Zenacon maintained its excellent safety record during the project, with no time lost due to injury.

Two fluent Mandarin-speaking in-house designers enabled Zenacon to overcome the significant language barriers and cultural sensitivities involved in working with this international client. As a Chinese publicly listed company, the client was also subject to heavy financial reporting requirements. Zenacon’s strong commitment to collaboration, ongoing director to director communication and high-level budget coordination was key to the project’s successful completion.

New aircraft hangar,
Perth Airport

Value of Works $6 Million
Zenacon was engaged to construct a new 6,000m² aircraft hangar at Perth Airport. The build was carefully designed to comply with regulatory requirements for fire protection, soundproofing, and security. Construction was meticulously planned, scheduled, and coordinated to minimise disruption to airport operations and mitigate potential risks to aircraft and personnel.